Our Lab Kit Offers: Retail, Hospital and Compouding Pharmacy Practices

LiTech Institute provides these kits for pharmacy technician students or those interested in becoming or returning to the industry as a pharmacy technician and want additional practice.

Pharmacy Technician Lab Kit

Lab Type  Components (Training material is also included with Rx for filling prescriptions and other activities.)

If Purchased Separately

(Postage Included)



Counting Tray, Reconstitution Bottle, Graduate Cylinder, Placebo Capsules & Tablets, 13 dram vial, 16 dram vial, Alcohol Pads, Blank Prescription. 

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Bingo Card/Blister, Alcohol Pads, 5ml Syringe, 10ml Syringe, 2gm Powder Vial, Repackaging Drug, Oral Syringe, Measuring Cup, Unit Dose Container, Repacking Label, Gloves

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Ointment jar, Rx Bottle, Parchment Paper, Weighing Boat & Paper, Petroleum, Mortar & Pestle, Spatual, Smarties, Mini Scale, Baking Powder, Simple Syrup, Labels, Gloves

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Purchased all three kit types in one and save.

$150.00 (Postage Included)

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Please Note: Non-Florida Technicians or Organization please use 12345 for RPT Number.

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