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0,Medication Safety and the Pharmacy Technician

It's a Renewal Year for Florida Registered Pharmacy Technicians - Live CE Meetings for 2022

Join us for 4 Hours of Live Continuing Education

In-Person Meeting


Our theme for 2022 is "Embracing What's Next"


Our topics are designed for the Pharmacy Technician in mind.

The Specialty Role of the Pharmacy Technician - 2 Hours

Advanced Moves and Career Opportunities - 2 Hours


Please Note: This event has limited seated so take advantage of early registration. 

0,Pharmacy Technician Meeting - September 2022 (Jacksonville)

Join us for 4 Hours of Live Continuing Education Online Meeting         Saturday, August 20, 2022

0,Pharmacy Technician Webinar - 4 Hour Live Meeting

Florida Pharmacy Technicians

If you need home study courses please click the link below for a list of courses offered by LiTech Institute. From Medication Safety, HIV or Human Trafficking, we have the required courses for license renewal. Once you have completed the assessment the credits will immediately be added to your CE Broker account.


Remember we are here to assist you with your continuing education needs.


Just click this link - https://courses.cebroker.com/providers/14732-litech-institute-inc?coursePageIndex=1&profession=158&sortField=RELEVANCE&state=FL


What are the continuing education requirements to maintain registration in Florida?    

General Hours 18 General hours can be either ACPE or Board approved, 4 of the 20 must be live.
Medication Errors 2 Medication Errors Must be Board Approved


First Biennium Renewal: If you are renewing your license for the first time and the renewal occurs less than 12 months after the initial licensure date you are only required to complete 1 hour in HIV/AIDS and 2 medication errors. If your renewal occurs 12 months or more after your initial licensure date you are required to complete 9 (2 must be live)  general hours of registered pharmacy technician continuing education, 1 hours HIV/AIDS and 2 medication errors.


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