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Attention Pharmacist - Medication Safety Home-study Course


Greetings Pharmacist,
LiTech Institute would like to take this opportunity to provide you with this home-study course for license renewal with the Florida Board of Pharmacy. Once purchased you will receive a digital download of this course. Assessment can be taken online and statement of credit will be provided upon successfully passing with a score of 70%. We will enter your course credits into CE Broker for you within 24 hours after course completion.

Medication Safety and the Pharmacist

2 credit hours (Florida Board of Pharmacy Approved)



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After completing this continuing education program, the pharmacist should be able to: 
 Define the term medical error and medication error and how it's reported

 List the reasons for medication errors.

 Discuss the root cause analysis for preventing medication errors

 Identify the FDA’s role in preventing errors.

 Describe the types and causes of errors.

 Outline the ways patient and pharmacist can prevent medication errors. 









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HIV/AIDS - Know the Facts for Pharmacy Technicians

(FL Approved)





What are the continuing education requirements to maintain registration in Florida? 


Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

Required Subject Area Required Number of Hours Important Information
General Hours 18 General hours can be either ACPE or Board Approved 4 of the general hours must be live
Medical Error 2 Medical Error Must be Board Approved


First Biennium Renewal: If you are renewing your license for the first time and the renewal occurs less than 12 months after the initial licensure date you are only required to complete 1 hour in HIV/AIDS and 2 medical error. If your renewal occurs 12 months or more after your initial licensure date you are required to complete 9 (2 must be live)  general hours of registered pharmacy technician continuing education, 1 hours HIV/AIDS and 2 medical error.


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