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CE BROKER is the official continuing education system for the Florida Department of Health and the District of Columbia Board of Nursing. As a licensed healthcare professional in Florida, you can subscribe to CE Broker and view your progress toward meeting your continuing education requirements. At any time, you can view your personal transcript information that has been posted by both you and approved educational providers, like LiTech Institute. Subscription to CE Broker is optional.  

As an approved provider of pharmacy technician C.E., LiTech Institute is responsible for uploading C.E. into CE Broker after credits have been validated. If you attend a live or online continuing education program that is not offered by an approved Florida provider, please note that it is your responsibility to self-submit these credits to count towards your license or registration renewal. The Florida Board of Pharmacy will utilize CE Broker at the end of pharmacy technician renewal cycles to confirm that all required C.E. has been met. 

NEW!!  There have been changes to the license renewal process. 

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This year CE Broker will be implementing a new process whereby when you renew your license online the system will check to make sure that you are in compliance. For this year, it is considered a soft renewal, there will not be implications if you do not have all credits reported at the time of renewal, you will be notified of your C.E. status-complete or not, but still able to renew. In 2015, all required credits must be reported at the time of renewal or you will NOT be able to renew.   




Florida registered technicians are required to obtain twenty (20) hours of approved courses of continuing pharmacy education per biennial (24 month period). Four (4) of the twenty (20) hours of approved courses of continuing pharmacy education must be LIVE continuing education hours. LIVE continuing education is defined as either a live meeting, a live video teleconference, or through an interactive web-based application.

Next Renewal Date: December 31, 2024



As a part of the biennial renewal, pharmacy technicians are required to complete a two (2) hour Florida Board of Pharmacy approved course on Medication Errors. The course must contain the following components: (a) root-cause analysis; (b) error reduction and prevention; (c) patient safety. The two (2) hour program may be applied towards the twenty-hour (20) hours of required continuing education for Florida registered technicians 



Applicants for registration renewal are no longer required to show proof of a course on HIV/AIDS as part of the registration renewal process.


UPON A TECHNICIAN’S FIRST RENEWAL OF REGISTRATION, the technician must document the completion of one (1) hour of a Board approved HIV/AIDS continuing education credit. The topics must include: Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; the modes of transmission, including transmission from a healthcare worker to a patient and the patient to the healthcare worker; infection control procedures, including universal precautions; epidemiology of the disease; related infections including tuberculosis (TB); clinical management; prevention; and current Florida law on AIDS and its impact on testing, confidentiality of test results, and treatment of patients. In order to meet this requirement, licensees must demonstrate that the course includes information on the State of Florida law on HIV/AIDS and its impact on testing, reporting, the offering of HIV testing to pregnant women, and partner notification issues pursuant to Sections 381.004 and 384.25, Florida Statutes. Any HIV/AIDS continuing education course taken during the second or subsequent renewal of licensure may be applied to satisfy the general continuing education hours requirement. 



Certified Pharmacy Technicians must complete a minimum of twenty (20) hours of continuing education in pharmacy-related subject matter during each two (2) year re-certification cycle. For recertification candidates, one (1) hour of the twenty (20) hours must be in the subject of pharmacy law and one (1) hour must be in the subject of patient safety (refer to Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) definition of patient safety.






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